Highly Polished Finish

Highly polished marble and granite floors create an elegant, upscale atmosphere. In heavily trafficked areas, the polish can wear off. The options for maintaining your polished marble and granite floor fall into three broad categories:

  1. Restore the polished marble or granite finish periodically, as necessary. This approach will keep one’s stone looking new.
  2. Maintain a commercial floor finish on the marble or granite surface, using sealers and regular maintenance procedures. Be sure to select sealers and waxes with caution, as they may contain ingredients which could dull or stain the floor. Before application, clean the floor with soapy water and let it dry. Apply two coats of sealer in quick succession, using sealer brushes or pump sprayers. After 30 minutes, remove the excess sealer with a dry cloth. Maintain the marble with the daily application of water and soap solution and the use of high-speed buffers, and clean thoroughly once per month.
  3. Periodically clean the surface with a water-detergent mixture, applying no sealers or finishes. The highly-polished marble will eventually develop a low-luster finish.