Company Overview

Since 1989, Eurostone Marble has been a premiere supplier and distributor of Greek and Italian natural stone. While the majority of our marble comes from Greece, others are imported from Spain and Italy as well.

Eurostone's primary suppliers all offer state-of-the-art cutting and polishing machinery. These materials are offered in 12x12x3/8", 12x24, 12x36, 16x16, 18x18, 24x24, 2cm and 3cm slabs as well as cut-to-size orders.

From the factory to our Houston warehouse immediately available for your selection over 1,000 marble slabs as well as over 250,000 square feet of tile.

For wholesale shipments we can combine materials from 2, 3, or 4 different stones in tiles, slabs and special cut-to-size orders in one container. Direct shipments from overseas are available packed in styrofoam boxes and shipped in wooden pallets.

Shipments usually take 30-60 days to arrive depending on material, size, and quantities -- from order date to arrival in our warehouse or at any point within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

During Eurostone's 25 years in business, some of our materials have been used in places such as Hilton Hotels, Hotel Valencia, Forever 21 store in LA California, various Chanel Stores, North Carolina State University, and many others.

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